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Are you a programmer? Join our team and see how large IT projects are developed, that are full of interesting challenges and offer a great sense of fullfilment. The domestic market is just the beginning - we are present in over 20 countries, which is an opportunity to make many valuable contacts.

Creation, development and maintenance of a large-scale, complex IT system - you will learn these skills with us. Our server hardware is located in many data centers, which will give you an insight into an advanced infrastructure and its management methods.

No matter how demanding a project is - we believe that a friendly environment is of the highest importance. A supportive atmosphere, no pressure or overtime - this is our daily approach to work. Even if you do not meet all the listed requirements, we are waiting for your application. With readiness to learn you will catch up fast.


A small, task-oriented team
Participation in the large IT projects that are developed for multinational companies
Relaxed and supportive work atmosphere
High quality hardware and up-to-date software
Support in improving your proficiency in English - lessons conducted by a teacher during working hours
IT courses and workshops
Help to nurture your interests and skills outside IT
Reimbursement of after-hours activities, such as a gym membership, martial arts classes and more - the choice is yours
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